Flags on Boats

Until 1727, the merchands' navy of the Elecorate of Hanover used a red flag with a wide-jumping, white horse on the flag's left upper part.5

In 1727, Elector George II. of Hanover & King of the United Kingdom wanted all the ships of both his countries to carry the same flag. So, the Unionjack was introduced under the horse. This flag had to be changed in 1801, when the Irish St. Patric's Cross became part of the Unionjack. Both, the merchandise navy's flag and the flag of the military navy were still used after the end of the personell union until 1866..5

As said above, there was also an English influence on the military navy's flag. Instead of the white ensinge in England, a simple Unionjack with the white horse was used in Hanover .6

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6= Zeitschrift des Welfenbundes