Flags with the armed forces

The Electorate's military flags as well as the Royal, were found in a lot of various types. Too many, to show them all here. Some of the mainly used shall be enough for this little exploration of Hanover's history. In the 18th century already, small yellow&white banners were used as ornaments of Hanoverian uniforms and weapons of the Cavallery and Army. During the Napoleonic wars, mostly a kind of Unionjack was used, as Hanover fought on England's side as the Allied Army. Such a flag was used with the King's German Legion (more information on http://www.kgl.de).

Under King Ernst August (1837-1952), the Hanoverian Army recieved two flags per regimet (like it was with the British Army): On her own right the Royal Flag and on the left the Regiment's Flag (it was designed after Prussian-style). These were found until 1866.7

Kaiser Wilhelm II., who wanted domestic peace with both, inhabitants of the Province of Hanover and the House of Guelphs, gave back the old Regiments's flags to the troops stationed in the Province as well as some of the old symbols instead of the new Prussian ones.8

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